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Parking Enforcement

Security doesn’t start once you enter the front door of your business. Parking lots are hotbeds of criminal activity including theft, assault and vandalism.

If you are responsible for a commercial building, residential community, shopping center or other property that has parking areas, you understand that security vulnerabilities in your parking lot can put people at risk and be a liability for your business.  

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Is Your Parking Lot Your Greatest Vulnerability?

Parking lots are vulnerable to all sorts of crimes and illegal activity. It is not uncommon to hear stories of employees being robbed when they leave the office late at night or vehicles being broken into while residents sleep. When people are on your property, you want them to feel safe and secure. Not only is this good for the reputation of your business, it’s good business all around. 

Parking lots that are unsecured or open to the public are frequently targeted by bad actors who think they are easy places to get away with their crimes. Some of the greatest security threats that occur in parking areas include: 

  • Illegal dumping of trash, furniture or other property
  • Vandalism 
  • Trespassing 
  • Loitering 
  • Vehicle break-ins and theft 
  • Muggings and robberies 
  • Physical assaults 
  • Car jacking 
  • Abductions

Parking Lot Security Solutions

Searite Security Officers takes great pride in our reputation for professional, reliable security guards who care about protecting your business. Our security guards and officers receive top-of-the-line training that far exceeds industry standards and utilizes the latest technology and best practices in the field. Guards have specialized training in parking lot safety and enforcement protocols, making them even more effective in their roles. Skills such as diffusing tense situations, identifying suspicious behavior and enforcing customer parking rules and regulations make our guards an undeniable asset to our clients. 

The parking enforcement and parking management services include: 

  • Access management 
  • Enforcing company parking rules and regulations 
  • Random and scheduled mobile patrols 
  • Customer service for employees and guests 
  • 24/7 parking enforcement and monitoring 
  • Registering and logging visitors 
  • Traffic control services 
  • Communication with law enforcement or emergency personnel
  • Managing reserved parking spots 
  • Identifying suspicious behavior 
  • Deterring theft and other crimes 
  • Issuing parking permits and passes
  • Early detection of security issues

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