Our Services
  • Home Security

    We Provide top-notch Individual and Residential security

  • Patrol Dogs

    Our Dogs are highly trained in obedience and attack and are fully vaccinated and fed on a balanced diet.

  • Patrol Vehicles

    We Provide top-notch Individual and Residential security

  • Metal Detectors

    We also have duravision,look under vehicles,metal detectors that are used by our guards.

  • Monitoring Systems

    We have a top-notch surveillance & monitoring equipments that enhances our efficiency in service delivery.

  • Alarm Systems

    We have a state of the art alarm equipments that enhances our security infrastructure for service delivery.

  • VHF Radio Handsets

    Our guards are equiped with 2-way VHF & HF Radio Communications Systems, Mobile Telephones

Our Pledge

We pledge as a company to give our customers value for money in terms of the services we are disposed to give.
We also wish to notify you that this is a challenging and maiden security undertaking that will require co-operation and understanding from both parties. Together, with constant consultation, we believe that we shall build a lasting relationship that will be envied by other players in the security industry. Besides, continuous research on better security measures will be part and parcel of security measures to you our esteemed client.

Our Services

Our offices operate for 24 hours and there is always a duty officer to attend to all matters arising in any shift. We have communication system that enables the office/ duty officer to keep constant contact with our supervisors in the field. We have response vehicles used for operational duties, patrols and emergency responses. Depending on the security status of the premises being guarded, we carry out a security survey free of charge and come up with various recommendations to improve the entire security. These may include dog patrols, key holdings, security passes, alarm systems with panic or remote controlled buttons, siren/flashers etc.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Security

Searite provides Security Officers and their teams will take care of offices, commercial properties and council buildings, patrolling the premises, controlling goods in and out, searching individuals and vehicles, monitoring CCTV cameras and more. Our smartly attired Security Guards will man your entrances and project the right image that matches your own company’s reputation and values.

  • • They will spot weaknesses in your perimeter fences
  • • Challenge suspicious traffic in and out of your gates


A large meeting such as an AGM, a private function or a public function, Wedding parks, large meetings and exhibitions call for additional security staff and a special mix of security solutions, managing risks while making priceless exhibits accessible to the public calls for a delicate balance. Searite Security will provide unobtrusive security professionals to prevent theft or acts of vandalism in places that welcome large numbers of visitors.

  • Manned Guarding services
  • Ushers
  • CCTV cover
  • Access control
  • First Aid
  • Car park management
Mobile Security

Searite provides mobile security to customers who transport valuable freight by road and rail, our security solutions can provide the support and infrastructure you need to trace, track and trail valuable goods. Our technical team will analyze your security plans, carrying out a comprehensive safety and security audit. We have personnel and equipment to help you monitor your assets every along the way and provide continuous reports using sophisticated electronics.

Consultancy Services

Even for those among our customers who have put elaborate security measures in place, it is advisable to periodically undertake an independent security audit. From government buildings to shopping malls, offices and factories to hotels and private homes, we compile comprehensive, clear reports that will inform you decision on next steps. Searite will:

  • Identify weaknesses in your physical and procedural security systems
  • Review access controls and CCTV measures
  • Examine accident prevention measures
  • Look at the safety of staff, visitors and clients
  • Assess and act to protect your assets.