Our Pledge

We pledge as a company to give our customers value for money in terms of the services we are disposed to give.
We also wish to notify you that this is a challenging and maiden security undertaking that will require co-operation and understanding from both parties. Together, with constant consultation, we believe that we shall build a lasting relationship that will be envied by other players in the security industry. Besides, continuous research on better security measures will be part and parcel of security measures to you our esteemed client.

Company Profile

Searite was incorporated in 2008. Having identified a gap in the market, Searite provides quality, competitive and affordable integrated security services to commercial, industrial and residential premises. Due to the rapid changes in customer security needs, Searite has grown from a manned guarding business to a total security solutions provider. Our core values are reliability, flexibility and professionalism.

Our Vision

To be the best professional and most reliable security provider in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

To offer you a security solution to ensure that you attain peace of mind and leave us to worry about your safety and to walk into the future with comfort and confidence.

Our Values

Superior Security Products And Services
Effectiveness and Efficiency of our Operations and Management Systems
Accountability, Professionalism and Discipline of our staff
Reliability of our Products And Services
Integrity of our Staff, Systems And Processes
Transparency of our operations and practices
Excellence in customer service

Our Competence

Given the need to equip our personnel with right skills, we have fully operational training department conduct training for our new recruits. They undergo vigorous training for a period of two weeks with special emphasis on drills so as to instill discipline. Other areas which they are trained in are:- gate keeping, knowledge of law, security knowledge, arrest/search, crime prevention, dog handling, first aid knowledge, emergency evacuation, fire prevention/fighting, safety knowledge, patrolling skills, report writing, note book keeping, self defense, customer care among others. Successful entrants are assigned to normal duties alongside other experienced guards. There’s always on-job training. The guards/guardettes deployed to your premises will be specially selected and additional training will be carried out to meet your specific needs. Regular relief duty personnel and any other emergency cases will be attended and this will be communicated to you for approval in advance.